Mumps Titer

Mumps Titer

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Mumps Antibodies IgG Test

This test is used to determine if a person has antibodies which provide immunity to Mumps.  Results for this test provide a numerical value for the antibody level which can be compared to a reference interval to determine immune status.  Most people in the United States are vaccinated against mumps when they are young but vaccinations may not provide immunity for a person's entire life.  A person who has had mumps, been treated, and recovered, may also develop a natural immunity.

Mumps is a viral infection spread through an infected person's respiratory secretions or saliva.  Most mumps infections cause flu-like symptoms such as fever, headaches and muscle aches.  These are typically followed by swelling of the salivary glands below one or both ears.  Most people recover from mumps without any serious health problems, but some may suffer from more serious complications. 

Quantitative Titer Test Results.    All test will have values and reference ranges which is required by most schools and hospitals

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