ABO Blood Type Test and RH Type

ABO Blood Type Test and RH Type

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Formal name:

ABO Grouping and Rh Typing

Why Get Tested?

To determine ABO blood group and Rh type

When to Get Tested?

When you need to be transfused with blood or blood components or when you donate blood at a collection facility; pregnant women are tested to determine the risk of Rh incompatibility between the mother and fetus

Test Preparation Needed?




After placing an order, you will receive a doctor approved lab order by email usually within 20-30 minutes. The emailed Lab Requisition will allow you to go to a local patient collection site to get tested. You will not have to pay any additional lab, collection or doctor's fees.  Most test will normally report within 48-72 hours by secure email. List of collections site can be found using our Lab Locator Tool. If you have any questions please call our offices at 1-844-455-6355 or chat online with a member of our Care Team. 

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