Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertussis Titer

Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertussis Titer

$ 179.00

 Titers are Igg Quantitative titers. 

The Tdap Titer Testing package combines in one convenient package a Tetanus, Diphtheria, & Pertussis titer test.  By ordering this package, you save additional money versus buying each individual test.  Titer testing is important for many reasons such as entering school, a new job or to assess your current immunity status and avoid over vaccination.

Save money and do not order this test if you have not had a Tetanus shot within the last 10 years.  It's cheaper to get the vaccine unless your school/employer requires a titer.  

Pricing different at Labcorp and Quest locations. 

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Click Here if testing needed for Minors <16 years old

Why get vaccinated?

Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis are very serious diseases. Tdap vaccine can protect us from these diseases.  And, Tdap vaccine given to pregnant women can protect newborn babies against pertussis.

 Prices vary depending on clinical lab provider.   

Where to get TDAP vaccine:   TDAP Vaccine

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