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Lab testing for Minors? 

We do offer limited Lab Testing for minors. 

Depending on the request type, state of residency, age of child successful matches typically happen within  a few hours. If requests are denied the order is cancelled and full refund issued.


  1. Services Offered: LabReqs.com/Schooltiters specializes in facilitating laboratory testing orders. They do not engage in providing diagnoses or assisting with medical exemption forms. Additionally, they do not handle insurance matters.

  2. Inclusive Costs: The costs mentioned are all-inclusive. This means that the prices provided cover various components of the service, including doctor's orders, laboratory testing, and electronic reporting to the individual.

  3. No Medical Exemptions: LabReqs.com/Schooltiters does not assist with medical exemption forms. This indicates that they focus solely on arranging laboratory testing and related services, rather than offering medical advice or documentation for exemptions from vaccination requirements.

Overall, LabReqs.com/Schooltiters specializes in streamlining the process of obtaining laboratory testing for individuals, particularly for school-related titers. Their services encompass the entire testing process, from ordering tests to reporting results electronically to the individual. However, they do not provide medical advice, assistance with exemption forms, or handle insurance matters.