LabReqs FAQ's, under the umbrella of its pioneering parent company PicMed Wellness, has revolutionized the way individuals access lab testing services. Since 1992, PicMed Wellness has carved a niche in the healthcare industry by offering consumer lab testing, vaccinations, and health screenings, directly impacting the lives of tens of thousands. This remarkable journey began with the mission to democratize health screenings and lab tests, making them more accessible to the general public. PicMed’s expansive reach, through collaborations with Fortune 500 companies and its medical clinics in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, underscores its commitment to public health and preventative care. Individuals seeking more information about PicMed’s comprehensive services, including flu shots and biometric testing for corporate partners, are encouraged to explore for a deeper dive into their offerings.

Distinguishing Features of

What truly sets apart in the competitive landscape of direct-to-consumer lab testing is its unwavering dedication to patient health and satisfaction. This commitment manifests through various unique services and policies designed to cater to individual health needs while ensuring convenience and affordability.’s dedicated care team, accessible via multiple communication channels, exemplifies the platform’s patient-first approach, ensuring that every query and concern is addressed promptly and thoroughly.

The pricing model of, optimized through the high volume of tests conducted for corporate clients, reflects a strategic effort to make health screenings more affordable for the average consumer. Furthermore, the platform’s expansive network of clinical lab partners and medical providers, which is continually growing, ensures that patients have unparalleled access to lab testing and preventative health services across the United States.

Navigating the Lab Testing Process with Ease

One of the core advantages of using is the elimination of the need for a doctor’s referral to undergo lab testing. The platform facilitates an autonomous approach, allowing individuals to take charge of their health by ordering their own lab tests, with certain state-based exceptions. This streamlined process, supported by licensed doctors in all 50 states, simplifies access to essential health screenings, thereby encouraging more people to engage in proactive health management.

In terms of payment and insurance, adopts a straightforward, direct-payment model. This approach not only ensures privacy but also shields patients from the complexities and potential limitations associated with health insurance. By accepting a broad spectrum of payment methods and deliberately choosing not to engage with health insurance, places the focus squarely on patient convenience and confidentiality.

Where and How to Get Tested

After selecting and paying for a test online, patients can choose from a vast array of testing locations, thanks to partnerships with major laboratories like LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics. The platform’s Location Finder tool is a testament to’s commitment to accessibility, helping patients find convenient testing sites with ease. For those in areas with fewer options, the customer service team stands ready to assist, ensuring that every patient finds a suitable location for their testing needs.

Beyond Testing: Privacy, Interpretation, and Additional Services

Privacy and confidentiality are cornerstones of’s service. The platform guarantees that testing is confidential, with strict adherence to HIPAA regulations and state laws regarding communicable diseases. Furthermore,’s clinical care team plays a crucial role in ensuring that patients understand their test results, offering guidance and clarification as needed. This support is vital, as it empowers patients to make informed health decisions in consultation with their healthcare providers.

In addition to lab testing, broadens its impact by facilitating access to vaccinations and other medical services across the nation. This comprehensive approach to health care, combined with a transparent pricing and refund policy, solidifies’s position as a leader in direct-to-consumer lab testing and preventative health services.

Conclusion stands as a testament to the power of innovation in healthcare, offering a seamless, confidential, and patient-centered way to access lab testing and related services. By continuously expanding its services, embracing technology, and prioritizing patient privacy and satisfaction, is not just a platform for health screenings—it’s a beacon of proactive health management in the digital age.


Will I Need My Own Doctor's Order with This Lab Order?

No, you will not need your own doctor's order when using Every requisition from includes a doctor's order, as we have doctors licensed in all 50 states. This enables you to order your own lab tests nationwide directly through our website. However, it's important to note that certain states, including New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, do not permit direct-to-consumer testing. Consequently, residents of these states are unable to order lab services through Despite these restrictions, medical services are widely accepted in other states.’s Policy on Health Insurance and Payment Methods does not accept health insurance or file claims on behalf of customers. Our policy is designed to offer competitive cash prices, thus avoiding the necessity of reporting your testing to your insurance company or placing the results on your medical record. We accept a variety of payment methods for your convenience, including credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), prepaid gift cards (with the logos of the aforementioned credit companies), PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Please be aware that cannot provide CPT or ICD-9 codes, tax identification numbers, or assist with the reimbursement process for services rendered.

Insurance and Reimbursements

The services offered by and are intended for individuals or organizations paying directly for testing, without the intention of seeking reimbursement from insurance carriers or government programs. It is essential to understand that to file for insurance, companies often require diagnosis codes and, in some cases, detailed explanations or reasons for the tests, which we cannot provide. Although you may use HSA or Flexible Spending Accounts to pay for our services, does not support the reimbursement process for lab expenses.

Insurance Approval and Where to Get Tested

Since operates on a direct-payment model, you do not need insurance approval for the tests. After ordering and paying for your test online, you have the option to visit any of LabCorp's 1,700 or Quest's 2,400 Patient Service Centers across the country. Our website features a Location Finder to help you find the nearest center. If necessary, we can also assist in locating one of an additional 3,000 occupational clinic providers manually.

Why Testing Is Not Available in Certain States

In New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, state laws mandate the disclosure of the actual fees paid directly to the lab for testing. Consequently, residents of these states cannot use due to these legal requirements.

Advantages of Ordering Through distinguishes itself by offering same-day testing, with results typically available within 24-48 hours. Our comprehensive service includes the cost of the physician's order and result reporting, leveraging our extensive experience in direct-to-consumer testing, drug testing, and vaccination services since 1992. Availability for same-day testing depends on the timing of the order and the availability of testing locations.

Preparation Before Visiting a Test Center

Before visiting a test center, it is crucial to check if your specific test requires any preparation, such as fasting or avoiding certain foods and drinks. Following these guidelines ensures accurate test results and a smoother testing process.

Does help interpret tests?

Yes. Our trained clinical care team can guide you through your results and provide clarification if needed. Individuals who order tests must arrange with their own health provider for consultation and interpretation of the test results if they have any health concerns. The test results are not a guarantee of health status or a substitute for medical care. It is not recommended that individuals make health decisions without reviewing the results with a physician.

What happens with critical lab values?

The clinic laboratory will report a critical result to the ordering physician. A competent member of the laboratory, such as a laboratory doctor, clinical chemist, or senior medical laboratory technician, should ascertain the laboratory test value and discuss the result with the ordering physician.

Will provide anonymous testing? does not offer anonymous testing, where a patient is given a unique identifier and no official record of the testing is made, with no identifying details passed on to public health authorities. will provide confidential testing. This means that results will not be released without written authorization from our patients. For communicable diseases that test positive, local health authorities will be notified in accordance with all state regulations and laws. is legally bound by HIPAA regulations and Privacy Rules to protect Personal Health Information.

Reporting Communicable Diseases

Reporting cases of communicable diseases and related conditions is a vital step in controlling and preventing the spread of communicable diseases. These reports are useful in many ways, including ensuring the provision of appropriate medical therapy (e.g., for tuberculosis), detecting common-source outbreaks (e.g., in food-borne outbreaks), and planning and evaluating prevention and control programs (e.g., for vaccine-preventable diseases). We will report communicable disease information as required by law.

Are there any additional charges after I place my order?

No. Once you place your order, you are all set—there are no fees or extra charges for visiting the test center or for obtaining your results.

Can provide vaccinations if lab tests show a lack of immunity?

Yes. has agreements nationwide with clinics that will provide discounted TB skin tests, MMR, Varicella, Hep AB shots, Flu shots, chest X-rays, physicals, and more.

These medical services are not performed at any LabCorp or Quest locations.

What additional non-lab services are provided?

We have a partial list of these services on our Medical Services Page. We do offer these services nationwide, but locations are not listed on our location finder.

Do you match prices?

If you find a lower published price at a national provider for the same lab test that you've ordered, we will do our best to match the national competitor's price. You must let us know prior to purchasing the test. This does not include medical services like physicals, vaccinations, TB skin tests, chest X-rays, and other medical procedures, testing for minors, and drug testing.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your order at any time before your visit to the test center. Refunds will be issued minus a 20% cancellation fee. All cancellation requests made after 21 days of purchase will be credited for future testing.

WARNING: Attention Regarding Medical Issues and Emergencies

In matters pertaining to your health, it is paramount to exercise caution and discernment, especially when utilizing electronic communication platforms. LabReqs /, while committed to facilitating your healthcare needs, must emphasize the following:

1. Urgency of Medical Matters:

For urgent medical concerns or emergencies, electronic communication may not be suitable or timely. If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency, promptly seek assistance from emergency services or healthcare professionals by calling emergency hotlines or visiting the nearest medical facility.

2. Limitations of Electronic Communication:

While electronic communication platforms offer convenience and accessibility, they may not be conducive to addressing all health issues, particularly those of an urgent nature. Certain medical conditions require immediate attention and intervention, which may not be feasible through electronic channels.

3. Response Time Disclaimer:

LabReqs / cannot guarantee a specific response time to inquiries made through electronic communication channels. Factors such as volume of inquiries, technical issues, and the nature of the inquiry may influence response times. We strive to provide timely and accurate responses, but delays may occur.

4. Importance of Direct Contact:

In situations where timely intervention is critical, direct contact with healthcare providers or emergency services is indispensable. Phone calls or in-person visits allow for immediate assessment and action, ensuring the best possible outcome for your health and well-being.


While LabReqs / endeavors to facilitate your healthcare journey through electronic communication, it is imperative to recognize the limitations of such platforms, particularly in urgent medical situations. Prioritize direct contact with healthcare professionals for prompt and appropriate assistance during emergencies or urgent medical matters. Your health and safety are paramount, and swift action is often essential in critical situations.