Cadmium Urine Test

Cadmium Urine Test

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Cadmium Exposure Profile Urine 

Urinary Cadmium

With low to moderate chronic exposure, urinary cadmium reflects integrated exposure over time and total body burden. Urinary cadmium levels do not rise significantly after acute exposure and are not useful for testing in the acute setting. In occupational settings, urine levels provide little or no useful information during the first year of exposure. According to the NHANES data, healthy young nonexposed nonsmokers in the United States have very low levels of urinary cadmium (average cadmium level of 0.08 µg/g creatinine; levels increase with age to .26 µg/gm of creatinine). “The Third National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals" showed that during 2001-2002 the geometric means for adults age 20 and older was 0.210µg/gm creatinine, respectively 

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