Hepatitis A IGM Blood Test for Minors

Hepatitis A IGM Blood Test for Minors

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This test is used to screen for recent exposure to the Hepatitis A virus. Hep A is a liver infection which is typically spread through exposure to contaminated fecal matter.

  • Some of the common ways Hep A is spread include through contaminated drinking water
  • Eating food prepared by someone who has not properly washed their hands
  • Eating produce that has not been properly washed
  • Eating seafood raised in contaminated water
  • Through some forms of sexual contact
  • Exposure to infected blood

This test looks for antibodies which develop shortly after infection. IgM antibodies are usually detectable 3-4 weeks after exposure and fade out after a couple of months.

After recovery, IgG antibodies develop and often provide immunity from future infections.

Hepatitis A is typically associated with flu-like symptoms. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, fatigue, and joint pain. In some cases, especially in younger children, Hep A may show no symptoms.

Results of hepatitis testing may indicate the following:

HAV IgM HAV IgG or Total Antibody (IgM and IgG) Results Indicate
Positive Not Performed Acute or recent HAV infection
Negative Positive No active infection but previous HAV exposure; has developed immunity to HAV or recently vaccinated for HAV.  Need both test for proof of immunity.
Not Performed Positive Has been exposed to HAV but does not rule out acute infection
Not Performed Negative No current or previous HAV infection; vaccine may be recommended if at risk

A total antibody test detects both IgM and IgG antibodies but does not distinguish between them.


After placing an order, you will receive a doctor approved lab order by email usually within 20-30 minutes. The emailed Lab Requisition will allow you to go to a local patient collection site to get tested. You will not have to pay any additional lab, collection or doctor's fees.  Most test will normally report within 48-72 hours by secure email. List of collections site can be found using our Lab Locator Tool. If you have any questions please call our offices at 1-844-455-6355 or chat online with a member of our Care Team. 
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